Presentation Thrills, Chills and Skills


Presenting anything to an audience is a strange and dubious feeling. To a very few of us, it gives thrills (I’m in that lucky portion of the population), and unfortunately to most others, it gives chills. After all, public speaking is so stressful that a famous study ranked it a less preferred activity than dying!… continue reading »

The price of ignoring what's wrong


When I used to pull my sister’s hair as a kid and our babysitter used to ignore it while my sister howled and complained to her, I would chuckle and continue to create havoc. My sister hated that babysitter. Strangely, I find that the same thing goes on in corporations everyday. Mistreatment of employees is… continue reading »

How do I set my price? The small business dilemma solved


Most small business owners will agree that developing the right pricing strategy is one of the most critical factors of any product or service’s success in the marketplace. It is also often the most confusing question for my clients who own small businesses. Pricing, I’ve found is more a science and a process rather than… continue reading »

So you've got clients, now what?


I write this on a concrete bird stained bench in the alleyway outside the Nassau Airport, into the third hour of waiting for my flight home. Don’t feel too bad for me, the glorious sun is shining, it’s at least 35C and I’m still wearing a t-shirt while it’s snowing in Toronto. My experiences for… continue reading »

“Can’t we all just get along?”


This week, I had to re-evaluate my stance on compassionate leadership. It wasn’t a proud moment. I’m sure you’ve run into “him” before. The difficult-to-get-along-with-guy or girl you’re sometimes forced to work with.  I’ve run into this same person in every job, just in different bodies. Mostly what I know about him is that no… continue reading »

“The Terrified Networker”

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I used to be a terrified networker–afraid of those milling crowds and round table breakfasts.  How could a self confident professional speaker extravert like me be afraid? Here’s my story… My first networking experience scarred me for years. As a brand new coach, a networking seminar I attended taught me how to use a 30… continue reading »

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