Never Delegate Sales Except..


I’m going to make a bold statement: never delegate sales except if you have a working mastery of it yourself. You don’t have to be the Yoda of sales but you should have a level of success with it. I was reminded of this wisdom when I interviewed Bryan Clayton of Greenpal on my podcast…. continue reading »

Stop Phoning Prospects (unless you know them)


I never thought I would ever say this in my life but a phone call I got yesterday changed my mind about calling prospects you don’t have a basic relationship with (ie. they recognize your name when you tell them who you are). Here’s what you can learn from my strange experience. Creepy Factor A… continue reading »

Super-Niching a Giant


I’ve been asked to do a training for giant sized B2B companies that have close to a Billion Dollars in revenue about helping their sales grow. Of course, the only thing I’m always talking about over and over, year after year is the whole concept of super-niching. But does it apply to giant corporations? How… continue reading »

What Type of Content Is Still King? (research)


In the wild world of the pandemic, content isn’t just still king, it’s now more valuable than ever. Streaming services are booming. Education and entertainment are at an all time high. And marketers are definitely not missing that boat of the online ‘captive audiences’. Here’s some research done by SalesIntel to prove that content is… continue reading »

Lawyer Appears as Kitten on Zoom


Zoom fatigue is hitting all of us. But this hilarious event where a lawyer couldn’t take off his kitten zoom filter in court has a ton of lessons for our businesses. Prep is Everything When a lawyer borrowed his assistant’s laptop to join the proceedings in a Texas courtroom Zoom meeting, things took a strange… continue reading »

Post Pandemic Marketing


Businesses are just now coming out of the storm of the pandemic. And there’s a lot of good news and new direction in this recent research conducted by the AMA and Deloitte about marketing in the aftermath of Covid. Marketing Is King There is a return of optimism in the market about the US economy,… continue reading »

Why Your Outreach Is Rejected


Less than 10% of outreach messages actually get a response. The vast majority of all the email and the direct messages you send get ignored royally. Why is this happening and how can you turn that ship around? Target Not There Maybe your messaging is amazing but if the person you’re targeting isn’t using the… continue reading »

Dangers of Hyper-Growth During Covid


Covid has done some crazy things to a lot of businesses. Some are wondering how to pivot to make a living. But others are experiencing wild highs of incredible demand. So for those of you in that boat, here are a few warnings you may want to heed if you want to keep the ball… continue reading »

Suffering In Business


In Dan Pink’s book “To Sell is Human”, he asked research participants for the first word that came to mind when they heard the words ‘sales’ or ‘selling’. Guess what wonderful words were most mentioned? “Pushy, hard, ugh, yuck, sleazy, annoying, slimy, dishonest”. Nice, isn’t it? In fact, 80% of the words had a negative… continue reading »

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