Super-Niching a Giant


I’ve been asked to do a training for giant sized B2B companies that have close to a Billion Dollars in revenue about helping their sales grow. Of course, the only thing I’m always talking about over and over, year after year is the whole concept of super-niching. But does it apply to giant corporations? How… continue reading »

I’m Selling My Failures


I loved this concept I heard from my coach Kelly Roach. I have failed and failed over and over again so that my clients don’t have to. You are buying a short-cut over all those years and dollars and heartache of trial and error. Here are my failures that you’re buying. Failed Generalist When I… continue reading »

When They’re Interested But Won’t Buy


One of my favourite former clients called me and her partners to a meeting to get my opinion this week. They had a hot new product related to covid safety on their hands and were dying to close the many leads in the pipelines. But the political climate was proving too difficult to allow them… continue reading »

Ellen DeGeneres’ Brand In The Toilet


I really liked Ellen. I truly thought she was funny and kind and brave. Little did I or the world know that she was sometimes the queen of ‘not-so-nice’. As a consumer, I was disappointed. But as a marketer, I’m fascinated by what’s happening to one of the most powerful brands in America as her… continue reading »

My Linkedin Prospecting Story


I’ve said goodbye to the stages and crowded networking rooms thanks to a pesky little virus you may have heard of. Since then, I’ve hired a new coach and social sellers to change my prospect funnels to online ones. It’s been quite the experience, let me tell you. I’m Not Dressed From my Linkedin prospecting,… continue reading »

Why Lockdown Is Good For Your Pitch


I was recently in one of the most frenzied and yet best organized networking experiences of my life. In lockdown. A virtual conference networking on Zoom. Then I understood why this lockdown was good for everyone’s elevator pitch. Here’s the story.. Lightning Speed Networking All participants were placed into Zoom break-out rooms 5 at a… continue reading »

Your Brand and George Floyd


What, if anything should your brand say about George Floyd right now? Should you say something and risk the ire of people who are in great pain and resentment? Should you ignore the outpouring of emotion? It’s a conundrum that I had to face as a blue-eyed, blond, Caucasian, Canadian business owner with an African-American… continue reading »

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