How To Ask A Client For A Price Increase


I’d like to thank my clients for constantly giving me great material to blog about here. This week’s topic comes courtesy of a long-time client who is planning on announcing his price increase shortly to his beloved trusted customers. If you’ve never asked your clients for a raise, then it’s time to take a look… continue reading »

Terrified Of Creating Content


Almost every client I’ve met has told me that while they don’t blink at running multi-Million Dollar corporations, they’re very uncomfortable (in fact, some have confessed to being terrified) at creating any type of content for their marketing. When I say ‘content’, I mean writing a blog, a newsletter, making a speech, posting a social… continue reading »

Bad Differentiators That Can Make You Go Broke


“I did everything opposite to the competition and yet I still failed” mourned my podcast guest on my aptly named show, Naked Marketing. This is where guest entrepreneurs get naked with their marketing mistakes and show us their vulnerable side so we can avoid their mistakes. It occurred to me as I listened to my… continue reading »

Clients Who Back Out


The ugly face on the down side of the big high of a new sale is when the client backs out in a severe case of buyer’s remorse. But there are ways that you can prevent it and reposition it so that you never have to be disappointed in this way again. Welcome Gift As… continue reading »

7 Shark Tank Tips For The Perfect Pitch


Resident Shark “QVC Queen” Lori Grenier knows a thing or two about pitching. Selling out of anything she pitches on QVC, she’s also been on the receiving end of hundreds of Shark Tank pitches. In this Inc.com article, she has 7 tips to share with us entrepreneurs for a perfect pitch. As a pitch coach,… continue reading »

Meetings That Go Nowhere


Sales Meetings, that is..In fact, B2B sellers waste, on average, over $38,000** per year in direct costs on meetings that go nowhere and 62% of initial meetings do not progress to next meeting.***  As the purchaser of services for 18 years I have a few secrets that I teach my clients on what to do to make sure that you… continue reading »

Never Delegate Sales Except..


I’m going to make a bold statement: never delegate sales except if you have a working mastery of it yourself. You don’t have to be the Yoda of sales but you should have a level of success with it. I was reminded of this wisdom when I interviewed Bryan Clayton of Greenpal on my podcast…. continue reading »

Stop Phoning Prospects (unless you know them)


I never thought I would ever say this in my life but a phone call I got yesterday changed my mind about calling prospects you don’t have a basic relationship with (ie. they recognize your name when you tell them who you are). Here’s what you can learn from my strange experience. Creepy Factor A… continue reading »

Super-Niching a Giant


I’ve been asked to do a training for giant sized B2B companies that have close to a Billion Dollars in revenue about helping their sales grow. Of course, the only thing I’m always talking about over and over, year after year is the whole concept of super-niching. But does it apply to giant corporations? How… continue reading »

The Mid Manager Salvation


I think I was born a mid level manager. With the exception of my cemetery property telemarketing gigs as a student, from my first job in a developing country all the way to my current job as a Brand Manager at BIC, I’ve always been a mid-level manager. Being a mid-level manager is akin to… continue reading »

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t get to it because I didn’t have enough time"

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This phrase is one of the most frequent things I hear from my clients at some point in the coaching process. The clients who utter this phrase are usually apologizing for an incomplete stretch (homework assigned by the coach), an unsent prep form (usually sent each week before every coaching session) or a really important… continue reading »

“What exactly is it that you do?”


That age old question small business owners encounter is really at the crux of a lot of my clients’ key business issues. They have no clarity around what specific product or service best represents what they actually do or sell. Some people are so conflicted about which product or service to focus on that incredibly,… continue reading »

“I wish I could just stop the negative thoughts!”


I find a surprising correlation between my clients’ challenges each week – a common theme always seems to emerge among them. It’s surprising because, in most cases, these clients have never met one another. Their shared concerns are often the inspiration for my e-zines. This week, the common theme among my clients was negative thoughts…. continue reading »

The Coach Manager

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Have you ever experienced the wonder of a boss who let you bring value to the table in your own way without interference and yet was always surprisingly there when you needed her support? This manager was in essence, what in the professional coaching world is called a Coach Manager. In May of 2001, a… continue reading »

“I had no idea that’s why I acted like this!”


Values are the parents of your chosen or unconscious behaviour. If someone at a meeting or a party rubs you the wrong way, chances are that you have picked up something about them that doesn’t fit your set of core values. On my website, you’ve had an opportunity to glimpse my core values: Love& Compassion,… continue reading »

Five techniques for effective networking by Mike Aoki


Ever heard of the old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” How do you meet people in your profession? Well, one method is to meet people at industry seminars and conferences. Imagine being in a conference ballroom filled with people. How do you start a conversation with a total stranger? Before… continue reading »

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