80% of Kids Want To Be Entrepreneurs


Say ‘hello’ to the young generation of entrepreneurs. By the way: it’s almost EVERYONE. Look at this Gallup survey about kids in grades 5 to 12. In the study, researchers found that 77% wanted to be their own boss, 45% wanted to start their own business, and 42% wanted to invent something that changes the… continue reading »

Cold Email Mistakes


Should you even be writing cold emails? Well the statistics say yes. Email usage is going to increase by almost a Billion users by 2022 and the ROI is great. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get a whopping $32 back! That number is strangely $49 for direct mail in comparison, but… continue reading »

Does Look-At-Me Marketing Work?


As I was rehearsing to do my speech this weekend at the Harvard Club of Boston, I saw a fascinating post by a business guru that really triggered my mind. In the middle of my heart palpitations prepping for my own Look-at-me-marketing opportunity, I had a giant Oprah “a-ha” moment. It’s About Me Not You… continue reading »

How Trust turned a $60 luggage repair into a $600 purchase


I teach about how to gain Trust in the sales and marketing process all the time. After all, it’s the elusive elephant in the room that’s missing in every sales conversation that doesn’t convert. Well, I saw it used to mastery this week and I couldn’t help but share it with my community in the… continue reading »

The Disney Magic


After speaking at the first ever Disney Institute’s Women’s Leadership Summit, I got a chance to truly glimpse the Disney Magic. As a business consultant and Mom, I was fascinated to see the business end of Disney in action. What I saw was astounding.Here are just a few reasons why I think Disney is such… continue reading »

Wealth Advisors Who Have No Wealth


I happened to be at a speed networking event in my hometown last night. It was a very small, intimate group of locals, gathered together to drum up business. Out of the 10 people who showed up, 5 were wealth advisors. And sadly, they looked and sounded like they were anything but prosperous. As an… continue reading »

Agony of Handcuffed Speakers


I sat there waiting for my turn as the 9th speaker in a TEDx style conference. All the previous speakers were corporate sponsors of some kind. People who had been sent there with approved presentations produced most likely by someone else. They desperately wanted to connect to their audience and communicate their vision to the… continue reading »

A Buyer's Rant


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a Procurement Conference. This is where small businesses are paired up in various forms of meetings with large corporate buyers. My topic was called “Twinning Your Competition: Why 86% of Buyers Can’t See the Difference”. After my talk, a very distinguished gentleman came up… continue reading »

Speakers Without Stories Should Be …


Sitting at what is perhaps the 1000th conference of my storied career, I’ve come to one firm conclusion: speakers who don’t include stories in their speeches or even panel discussions should be fired (if not shot…) Here’s why: You’re Boring Information is dead. This is my personal opinion, so feel free to quote me. In… continue reading »

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