Chala prides herself in the success stories of her coaching clients but don’t take her word for it when she says she can supercharge your business. Listen to what just a few of her clients have said.

Increased my clientele and revenue!

"The fact that I changed my elevator pitch the first time I heard Chala speak says a lot. Everybody knows some level of marketing. However, Chala contemporizes old strategies and brings you into the new millennia. Using her proven process, she helps formulate your true value proposition, devises strategies to attract and sign prime clients. If you want to increase your clientele and revenue, there’s no faster way than using Chala and her coaching tactics. As a coach, motivator and advocate, I can not recommend her highly enough."

Rekha Gibbons, CRM Evangelist
Raare Solutions

I’m ready to take up the mantle of expert on large stages!

"Before working with Chala, my business was doing well but I wanted to grow exponentially faster. After working with Chala for 6 months, I saw that I was reprioritizing working in and on the business more efficiently and gaining the confidence to position myself as a differentiated expert in my industry. I rehired her for another 6 months to continue the momentum and our sales grew 20% over last year in the highly competitive wine industry. In addition, partially through Chala’s coaching, I’ve developed a strategy to obtain a highly sought after Master of Wine degree. I’m ready to take up the mantle of expert on large stages and become a thought leader for my industry now."


Melissa Saunders, CEO
Communal Brands

My business was missing a crucial piece…

"I was very fortunate to have met Chala when I did – my business was missing a crucial piece which was how to structure a communication with a potential client. Chala brought us through her signature program and we learned how to find our target market and communicate with them to develop the relationship and close the deal. We were on the precipice of a very important deal and didn’t know how to move it forward. Chala helped us craft the next action steps and I was able to outreach and offer my services. The (now) client took me up on it and Chala helped us craft our presentation, discussing THEIR pain points and LISTENING. We learned that we must connect by listening more than talking. It has been a win all the way around and Chala’s coaching has been invaluable. I will always use her process going forward!"

Dana C. Arnett, CEO
Wicked Bionic

Thank you for helping us LEVEL UP!!

"Chala, THANK YOU for helping James and I (and the entire team) “Level UP”. LET’S RECAP: Sales call this past Monday (Family Day) / same day sale / CHQ arrives from British Columbia 3-days later (THU) / entire year paid in full! 2 new clients landed in less than 2-months. $30K+ in new revenue and we’re just warming up. A LOT of firsts for EMKAL all in this one sale and were only six weeks into training. Next stop – “The Moon”! Everyone should feel awesome. I know I’m grateful for this amazing team. Chala, you’re now part of the EMKAL Family!"

Michael Kalistchuck, CEO

DOUBLED My Price & Profit Within Months!

"I left my corporate job to do what I love and hired Chala to help me maintain my income level. She quickly helped me narrow my marketing message and helped me reposition it to “Client Retention Through Wine”. As a result of her advice and guidance I DOUBLED both my price and profit on a large event within months of working with her. Chala continually pushed me out of my comfort zone. With her guidance, she helped me implement my marketing plan. Now, I am reaching clients I thought would take years to get introduced to. I now implement Executive Roundtables with high level corporate executives which gets me extremely high conversion to sales. I have learned so much from Chala and would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow their business fast!"

Marte Belisle, CEO

I’ve elevated my game to a higher level!

"Working with Chala has brought me skills to increase my monthly income while working fewer hours. Through learning her strategies around niching, having a Coaching Corner at conferences, as well as her guidance on how to conduct Executive Roundtables, I’ve elevated my game to a higher level."

Leesa Schipani, Customer Experience Director
Change Leader

New client for almost TWICE the price

"Only a month after working with Chala as my business coach, I quoted and got a new client for almost TWICE the price as what I previously would have quoted. I’m thrilled to be able to breakthrough my own self-imposed price limitations on how I value my services!"

Jane Bishop, Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer
Take The Next Step

Prior to working with Chala I had conducted literally hundreds of free coaching sessions to prospective clients with a dismal closing rate. 2 days after my VIP day with Chala, I closed a $4K coaching client and I’m thrilled! It’s the highest package I have sold to date in my coaching practice. Even though her strategies are the opposite of what I’d previously been taught and even though at times it went against what I thought I should do, I applied exactly the process that she taught me with no changes and got the results. I’m more confident than ever that my business growth with Chala’s help and methodology is going to be HUGE!"

Ken Sharrar, Strategic Mindset Coach For Realtors
Leadership Starts With ‘i’

I will employ her services again!

"I worked with Chala for several months recently. It was a very good experience for me. Chala was very helpful in getting me to focus on where my business was when we started to where I wanted it to be. She had some really creative marketing strategies and she held my feet to the fire for results. As a result of my time with Chala I have a much better handle on my business and great ideas to implement for future growth. I highly recommend Chala as a great guide and coach. I will employ her services again!"

Diane Brecciaroli, President
DBL Associates

Within one week of signing on to work together I sold two of my coaching packages

"I hired Chala exactly 1 month after my retirement to launch my own coaching practice. I had already booked myself to speak at a networking event the next week so Chala and I crafted a presentation and a coaching program to sell during that speech. Within one week of signing on to work together I sold two of my coaching packages! I am thrilled and amazed by the quick results I am getting. If you follow Chala’s formula, it works!"

Joy Humbarger, Certified Professional Leadership Coach
Maximize Your Leadership

I am now able to get more meetings with hard to reach decision makers

"Before meeting Chala, I had a hard time getting my foot in the door and presenting what I do exactly. I must have sounded too generic to my prospective clients. I wasn’t getting much interest. Through our work, we determined a specific specialty and a niche target market for my coaching and leadership consulting practice. I am now able to get more meetings with hard to reach decision makers and close more sales through Chala’s recommended process. I have more confidence both in pursuing new leads and in the needs discovery conversations I have with them."

Gina Cajucom, Problem Solving Leader

I now have a client paying me $4K/month!

"Before working with Chala, my business did not have systems to create consistent sales. Chala helped me structure a strategy to approach 3 different target groups with a questionnaire immediately upon starting my coaching. Within a few weeks, I had a client who is paying me $4K/month! Chala’s gift (for me) is in breaking down the steps in marketing and sales to make it less overwhelming and reaching potential clients in a non-intrusive way."

Erika Biesenthal, Chief Systems Officer


"I will honestly tell you that I didn’t like her in the beginning because she put me in my uncomfortable zone. Once I committed to be uncomfortable, I fell in love. I really didn’t think I would ever like Chala because she is no-nonsense and had me focusing on things that I really didn’t think were going to help me. I kept at it each time I thought about the hefty price tag on her service. Once I was able to follow her instruction, do my homework and focus on marketing tasks assigned, I started to see results. First and most importantly in how I felt about marketing my company and secondly in terms of clarity. I never thought I could feel so proud and clear about marketing my business. one piece of advise – ask ask ask ask for help in everything marketing because she has her finger on the pulse. Every time I changed voice-mail greeting, email signature, newsletter title, networking groups – I consulted with Chala and have seen a positive increase in either clients, leads or new knowledge. I am now ignoring my phone more and trying to handle the recent influx…it took 2-3 months to feel this influx, but I have had many small increases in all areas along the way. Now my problem is hiring to keep up with the new business:O) I am very happy I stuck it through and pushed myself to enjoy the discomfort. For the first time in 5 years i have a marketing plan, strategy and calendar and every thing that is considered marketing in my business is sending the same message. I have connected with many “marketers” and none of them are as all-inclusive in their marketing approach as Chala. now to figure out how to keep Chala in my life, she is worth every penny and more!!"

Sheri-Anne Woolley, CEO and Founder
Mona Home And Office Cleaning Inc

I owe all to working with her

"I have had the great pleasure to have worked with Chala Dincoy the past 6-months. Prior to working with her, business was slow and I was having trouble connecting with new clients. Having Chala as my personal coach has been a business investment I wished I had made sooner. I now have a true focus on who my ideal customer is and I know the best way to reach out to them. Business is strong and I owe all to working with her. Chala is a bright and intelligent woman who understands what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Unlike many other coaches, she too has her own coach so she truly understands the value they bring to their clients. She is honest, forthright, funny, honest, but most important she cares about her clients’ success and is always readily available by phone or email to assist you. I highly recommend calling Chala if you are looking to kick-start your business, an investment you wish you had made yesterday."

Richard Baker, Food and Beverage Marketer
Food Distribution Guy

Before Chala I had no idea what my message was

"Before working with Chala I had no idea what my message nor my niche was, this made very challenging my communication with potential clients. While working with Chala I got clear about why is important to have a niche and how to have an elevator speech that gets attention. I learned how to package my services and charge accordingly. And not only I benefited from her expertise and knowledge but also all the wonderful resources she shared with me helped me in different areas of my life and business. I highly recommend working with Chala if you don’t know who your ideal client is and your message is not getting you the results you want."

Alma San Roman, Founder
Enlightened Possibilities

An amazing business coach

"Chala Dincoy of Coachtactics is an amazing business coach. She helped me enormously in her marvelous step-by-step approach to develop a business and marketing plan, and assisted me in finding the right messaging for each client. She also gave me good insight about finding my target market, focusing on my niche. She helped me with my elevator speech and more concise marketing materials and tools. She made me think more about building a stronger foundation for my business and kept me on track each week. I would highly recommend Chala for anyone looking to deepen the roots of their business to establish a strong foundation for greater success. She also deeply cares about her clients and gives them all the tools they need to succeed."

Rosalie Moscoe, Stress-Relief Speaker
Registered Nutritional Consultant

The reasons we’re able to get incredible results for clients is because our founder Chala Dincoy has over 20 years’ marketing strategy experience including working for major brands in the industry. Here are some examples of the major global repositioning initiatives that Chala was involved in that had incredible results. If you’d like us to bring this level of expertise to your company, let’s chat.


The world’s most beloved Scotch Whisky brand was having trouble penetrating a younger drinker’s market and on its way to extinction.



A seasoned former marketing executive turned consultant blew his results out of the water when he repositioned his messaging.



A branding and design agency reverses its fortunes and breathes new life into its own brand with a new positioning.



The former Mothers’ darling infant feeding brand was being beaten up by new and smaller competitors.



The world’s most beloved Potato Chip couldn’t figure out why a new line extension was cannibalizing its core brand more than any other launch in its history.


The world’s most widely distributed pen wasn’t touting the same power over its market share.



A leadership expert got focused and stopped getting ignored by decision makers she was trying to reach.