Gentle Marketing to attract more customers to your small business

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How To Gently Attract Loads of New Customers!

Are You Ready To Be A Gentle Marketer? Do you want to attract new customers instead of chasing after them with canned marketing campaigns? Does promoting your biz worry you as you don’t want to look PUSHY?
In this lighthearted look at the world of small business marketing, national marketing expert -Chala Dincoy-Flajnik, shares powerful tools to Gently attract new clients into your business. Chala has worked with companies such as PepsiCo, Diageo and BIC and now helps small biz owners just like you!
You’ll Discover 4 Simple Ways to Gently Market Yourself:

  1. How you already have the best marketing tools you will ever need (without spending a dime!)
  2. How to clearly define the best ways to reach your target customers
  3. Why you speak to customers based on their pain (ouch!)
  4. Find where your best prospects are hanging out

Easy, simple, affordable and effective marketing that doesn’t EVER come across as pushy. This is the kind of marketing even an 80 year old grandma would feel comfortable doing![/one_half_last]

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