Rocket Fuel Your Marketing – 2 DVD Set

Rocket-fueled marketing advice for your business on DVD

Rocket Fuel Your Marketing AND Attract New Customers!

  Rocket Fuel

  • Contains 2 DVD’s
  • Total running time: 120 minutes

Only $199.00 for the Complete Set

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DVD #1Gentle Marketing: How To Gently Attract Loads Of Customers

Do you want to learn how to attract NEW customers instead of chasing after them with canned marketing campaigns? How do you stand out and tell clients that you can help them? IN THIS INFORMATIVE AND CASE PACKED TRAINING, YOU WILL LEARN:

  • The number one reason why businesses confuse potential customers and MISS the opportunity (yikes!)
  • How to get into your client’s world and get THEM to ask to work with you
  • Discover the business changing secret to Gently attracting clients instead of chasing them

DVD #2Bulls Eye: How To Target Your Best Customers! Are you stuck and can’t figure out who you want for customers? Are you worried you’ll goof up and choose the wrong area and you’ll lose money to your competition. The biggest headache of every small business is the advice given by every expert that they have to pick a target market. Yet it is the hardest, most paralyzing aspect of owning a business. IN THIS INFORMATIVE AND CASE PACKED TRAINING, YOU WILL LEARN:

  • What are the benefits of picking a well defined niche
  • How to use 3 simple questions to come up with the best solution for your business
  • How to build a marketing plan based on this niche



About Chala

Chala Dincoy is a Marketing Strategist who helps B2B service providers reposition their marketing message to successfully sell to corporate clients