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As a small biz marketing coach, I’ve run into some doozy prospective clients in the past.  At the beginning of my practice, I once had a client who actually haggled with me about the payment date. She devised payment plans that didn’t exist! So I decided to give you some great tips on what to do if you want to forever be attracting clients who haggle with your price, go to a competitor at the drop of a penny’s difference and who nickel and dime you to their last breath.
1.  Blend in
If you want to attract el-cheapo clients, then go ahead and blend in with your competition. When there’s nothing different or special about what you offer, the only information potential clients have about what you stand for is your price. If you were offered the same thing for a cheaper price, what would you do?
Instead, I’d rather you got a good strong Brand Voice that’s based on your personality.  Because if your brand is based on YOUR unique personality – you have NO competition.    I’d love to see you make it a BIG part of your marketing message so that you really stand out.
2. Sell Everything To Everyone
If you want to be shopped on price, don’t you dare get a niche. Be a generalist. Offer all things to all people. Only experts get paid more so if you don’t pick one thing to be an expert–sure enough, the penny pinchers will find you.
When I hunted in desperation for a pediatric nutritionist for my adorable but stubborn baby who refused to eat, you can believe that I was ready to do anything to find the exact specialist who could help. I would’ve (and did) pay her way more than regular nutritionists and I recommended her to all my other mom friends who had the exact same problem. That couldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been niched and was a generalist like most others in her industry were.
3. Undervalue Yourself
You’re 30% cheaper than the entire industry because you’re new? You offer twice as many hours in the same contract size as your competition? Wow, not only will you attract people who are hunting for deals but they won’t even buy your bigger programs. They’ll buy it from the guy who’s got way higher pricing than you. What’s that all about?
Remember, your price is an indication of a lot of things: your quality, your confidence, your competence and your existing client base. Like attracts like.
These are the most surefire ways I know of how to get shopped on price and make your small business a nightmare to market. So PLEASE read between the lines and take my tongue-in-cheek advice.
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