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Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich!

I’m re-reading Napoleon Hill’s famous book on positive thinking called ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It’s making my mind itch and stretch as it’s meant to. The story of Mr. Darby, the gold explorer who gave up on mining the ore because he unknowingly had hit a fault line—3 feet beyond which lay the vein full of gold gave me pause. The ironic part of the story is that Mr. Darby then sold his drill to a “junk man” who hired an expert about fault lines and continued to drill to become a millionaire from Mr. Darby’s mine.
Mr. Darby himself went on to become quite successful after smarting from his 3 feet from gold disaster. He used that lesson to become a millionaire from selling life insurance of all things. He said that the sales process only started for him when he heard a ‘no’ from a potential client. He never again gave up 3 feet before hitting the gold.
This made me reflect on what my own practice would be like today if I refused to stop when I heard a ‘no’ in those countless hours of free coaching sessions I gave. What would have happened if I kept on calling those associations who weren’t interested in having me speak? Did I stop 3 feet from gold?
What about you? Where would you be today if the word ‘no’ was just the beginning and not the end of your sales process? What would be possible for you if you kept ‘drilling’ and what are you leaving behind for your ‘junk men’ to grow rich on?
With kindness as always,
*Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, 1937.

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