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2020 was the year that kept giving. It gave me lots of fearful and stressful moments. It gave me some time to reflect and most of all, it gave me the opportunity to port all my business funnels online. Here are 3 ways that I hit the bullseye and how you can also do it.

Livestreamed Presentations

When all the conferences that I was booked on got cancelled, I literally saw my revenue go up in smoke. Then the borders between Canada and the US were closed indefinitely and that seemed to seal my doom. Luckily I didn’t stay down for long. I hired coaches and consultants to teach me how to prospect online. One of the ways of converting my prospect streams from in-person presentations was to do live-streamed presentations right from Zoom or Facebook. The webinar became a thing of the past. Taking lengthy slides away from between the audience and I provided an intimacy. Interacting in the moment with viewer comments and engaging with them as if they were sitting in front of me helped bring my message alive. That’s the first way I learned how to make 6-figures online during covid.

LinkedIn Lovers

I mean, this is such a no-brainer that tons of people were making money off of LinkedIn. However, I could never figure out how to convert it into a massive cash generating funnel for such a boutique niche business like mine. Well, lo and behold I learned about a concept called ‘social selling’. Then I found a bevy of low-cost help who did this thing. In one year, I worked with social selling teams from all over the world, including far far away places like Bangladesh, Philippines and Kenya! I eventually found the best team who has been bringing regular 5-figure clients to zoom calls every single day, even during the holidays! I learned how to finally monetize this behemoth databank called LinkedIn and figured out the way to connect, to qualify and finally, to sell to the more than one Billion users on this amazing platform. And you can too!


2019 was the year that I gave birth to the brainchild of doing a unique 5-minute podcast unlike any others I’d ever seen. It was called Polish My Pitch. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing to use it as a more effective sales tool, so in 2020 when covid hit, I hired a podcasting agent to help me get booked on more shows. The idea was through increased visibility, I could share my message and grow my audience. In the course of that, I learned exactly how to use my podcast to attract quality prospects and turn them into clients. In 2021 I’ll be working with a guest booking agent for my own podcast so the sky is the limit!

If 2020 kicked you in the teeth like it did me, then feel free to use any of these 3 ways to kick it back in 2021! Now I’m full of hope and I’m positioned to scale my business bigger than I have ever been in the last 8 years of running my business. The same is available for you, my friend…

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