After my most recent testimonial interview with a client, I started to think about what is different amongst the people who hire me and succeed vs those who don’t. If you’re also interested in business growth, you might want to take a look at the list yourself…

Are Motivated

The kind of client that I attract is super-motivated. I know this because my services are a big investment for most businesses. They are ready and raring to go. As in the story of Will Montgomery who kept my card for 5 years before being ready to work with me. When they’re ready, they crush it.

Are Already Crushing It

Another interesting thing that successful clients have in common, is that they don’t look at me as the saviour of their sinking ship. Their ship is already clear and away, smooth sailing. The reason for hiring me is that they want the ship to go faster or they want a bigger ship.

Do The Uncomfortable Things

One of the most fascinating things that my successful clients have in common is that they implement whatever I ask them to, even if it makes them uncomfortable. And of course, only a wet baby likes change (as my mentor often puts it!) so most of them have to do a lot of things that are new or different and are quite uncomfortable doing them. But they persist.

Are Sold on Niching

One of the cornerstones of my work is to niche or re-niche an organization to allow them to focus their growth. If a client feels that they’re too big, established or too different to ever focus, I can’t really help them much. If they refuse to niche, they often don’t end up getting too many results from their efforts.

Are Optimists

The biggest common denominator between my clients who crush it with me are that they expect good results from our work together. Another thing I’ve noticed is that in life and in business, they are generally growth minded optimists, always looking to a bigger and better future.

If you recognized yourself in some of these descriptions, the future is bright for you and your business. The world is your oyster as long as you can have the above traits in trying to grow your business.

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