Young businesswoman with tons of documents1. You are always late

Late for payments, for appointments, for deadlines. You are chronically, abysmally, categorically late. Sometimes, you don’t even show up.

2. If one unexpected emergency comes up, your whole day is shot

If you haven’t booked buffers into your calendar and it’s jam-packed to begin with, it’s an inevitable thing that you end up working overtime to put your schedule back on track.

3. You work more than 10 hours a day consistently

That really is the big clue. If you’re constantly in burnout mode with no ability to have me-time or family-time or any other time but client-time, you need to re-look at your time management.

4. You Can’t Find Stuff

I find that the lack of time management often embraces its ugly sister of lack of organization skills. The biggest sign that you’re falling down on both is that you have no time or system to put things back where they came from and no way to find them quickly and easily.

5. You Don’t Know The Big Picture

You are so busy running that you rarely if ever take the time to look at big stuff like your company vision, customer satisfaction, marketing (I hate to see this one!) and your fiscal numbers.
If you find that you’re described in one of these, please get help. Your way of doing things can only work for so long and it’s stopping both your business and your personal evolution.
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