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So it’s the first week in 2013 and I’m back at my desk. Are you wondering what you should be doing now that the new year’s started? Are you excited or a little anxious about the coming year? Here are some great tools to get you started as soon as you’re back to work:

1. Clean Out Your Email
Only leave emails in your inbox that require specific action. You may be surprised at what you find. There may even be opportunities you missed earlier in the year. Delete everything else.
2. Sort Through Your Facebook Friends
Hint: If you don’t know who they are and how you met them then they aren’t really friends. One of the reasons you can’t keep up with the news-feed is that too many people are posting things you don’t care about.
3. Sort Out Your LinkedIn
Go through your list, look at the profiles and identify 10 specific people who can actually help you with your desired objectives. Send each of them a Happy New Year greeting and begin a conversation.
4. Clean Your Desk
Move as much paperwork to electronic filing as possible.  You’ll clear your view, your mind, and might even save a tree or two.
5. Set Your Top 5 Priorities for Q1
Start the year with clear purpose. Take a few hours to identify the five priorities that will advance your journey this year. Write out your top five initiatives for the next three months and post them on the wall by your desk.
via 5 Ways to Prepare for Next Year.

The most important one of the above 5 tips in my opinion is the last one where you need to have your Top 5 Priorities for Q1. My Top 5 are: 1. Get 5 new clients in Q1 2. Secure 5 new speaking engagements 3. Write my book 4. Re-do my website 5. Get 3 more consulting jobs.
I can’t wait. Write me and tell me about your Top 5 Priorities in 2013!
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