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I don’t really believe that there are competitors in my industry of consulting. We are all so individualized and so different that we can’t help it. We have NO real competition. Of course, in order to be even more memorable and differentiated, you have to work on your brand (see how to do that here). Here is a great article from Jim Joseph about how to keep tabs on your so called competition.

1. Sign up for Google Alerts. Getting updates on your competitions’ activity online is absolutely free.
2. Connect with competitors on social media. “Like” and “follow” your competition on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.
3. Enroll in your competition’s mailings and promotions. Sign up for your competitors’ e-mail and direct marketing campaigns, commonly known as Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) programs.
4. Become a secret shopper. Conduct shopping trips to try out your competitors’ customer experience, both online and in-store.
5. Visit their trade show booths. When you go to trade shows, be sure to pick up your competitor’s materials.
6. Monitor your competitors’ websites. You can learn a lot about your competition by keeping an eye on their website.
via 6 Ways to Track Your Competitions Marketing Strategy.

Competition grows our market, it gives us ideas (not to copy but hopefully to inspire us to do equally cool but different things). A world without my competitors would be a  lonely one. So get to know them, follow them and make them your best friends.
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