Gift Giving Pressure Can Drive You Crazy
Gift Giving Pressure Can Drive You Crazy

Ahh, the wonderful feeling of holiday joy that floats in the air. The eggnog, the trees, the celebrations…it all sounds great, doesn’t it? If you’re 7 years old, yeah. But if you’re the one who actually has to buy the gifts to put under that tree-not so much. Apparently a lot of people agree with me. According to research, a surprisingly high number of people are stressed out about holiday gift giving. Add that to the already stressful job of owning and running a business, well you have yourself a doozy of a headache. Here are some creative ways to get over this holiday hump:


This is where a percentage of your purchases, including from some big name stores like Amazon and Best Buy go directly to a charity of your choice. Gift anything from car window tinting to hot yoga! Here’s the link for the Toronto gifts.

Give Back Box

This is for my friends South of the border and it’s genius. This program allows you to receive a free box and pre-paid postage to fill with gently used clothing items and send it to the good people at the Goodwill. We do this every month through leaving garbage bags full of gently used clothing, toys and even furniture benefiting a whole host of charities like Diabetes Society, Alzheimer’s Society and The Children’s Wish Foundation. They literally come to your door and help you declutter your home while giving to those in need, isn’t it brilliant?

Wine Them

Freezing my behind while enjoying an ice wine
Freezing my behind while enjoying an ice wine

One of my favourite clients Marte Belisle of Sommevents helps businesses retain clients by organizing posh guided wine tours fit for any size or budget. I’ll never forget the limo bus ride to the ice bar at the Peller Estates with fellow business owners. It was an unforgettable (and freezing) experience. Marte travels across the world so if you hate the pressure of holiday giving, give her a tinkle.

Massage Them

Nobody can ever claim that I’ve ever had anything to smile about on a golf course. So imagine my delight and surprise when I won a hole-prize at a golf tournament. My prize? A chair massage for the workplace sponsored by the amazing On-The-Spot-Massage. Cathy’s specialty is pairing massage with office ergonomics. A hot and painful topic that she can alleviate just by looking at how you’re spending your days sitting at your desk. See me in all my glory in a post-massage video on this page.
So stop sweating about the gift giving and let your imagination soar with these and countless other creative ideas.
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  1. Yes Chala, there is a Santa Claus. Yes Chala, you do have an audience who faithfully reads your articles. We are determined to keep you out of the malls and out of the hands of mall security.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

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