Resident Shark “QVC Queen” Lori Grenier knows a thing or two about pitching. Selling out of anything she pitches on QVC, she’s also been on the receiving end of hundreds of Shark Tank pitches. In this Inc.com article, she has 7 tips to share with us entrepreneurs for a perfect pitch. As a pitch coach, I really loved them and so here they are:

Be Concise

I love the quote that the shorter time it takes to say what you do for a living, the more money you make. And Lori agrees, stating that if people don’t immediately get what you do and what you’re pitching, you’ve already lost.

Make Them Laugh

Or engage them with your enthusiasm. You are the message, after all. Boring spells death in the world of pitching.

Sell Yourself

It’s never about what you’re selling. It’s always about who you are. So Lori is especially keen on how you listen to the questions you’re asked after your pitch. If you are smart and a good listener, you’re a certified Shark Whisperer!


Make your pitch sound like an opportunity that can’t be missed. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) will get you a meeting or a purchase, every time.

Cover All Bases

Make sure to have ready answers for every question and objection. I mean, that’s pretty much Sales 101 but Lori couldn’t help mention it as part of a Perfect Shark Pitch and I concur.

Base On Data

Know your numbers when pitching. Even if you’re not being judged for your pitch on TV. When your engaging pitch blows the socks off your prospect, they’re going to want to know the data. As Lori says, marry great energy with good data and you’ll have truly done your homework to succeed.

Practice Pitch To Death

A flawless prototype needs to be rehearsed until you throw up. That’s so that when you’re in the actual throes of the pitch, it doesn’t look like you’re showing up and throwing up all over your prospect.

In Lori’s last words folks, you can’t over prepare for a pitch. I love everything about this list, so go ahead and add it to your next pitch and see the sales meetings get booked solid.

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