Good news! Now you don’t just have to worry about buyers rejecting you but also your actual employees leaving you if you’re not differentiated in your industry amongst your competitors.

Millennials Leaving

A study by Gallup revealed that only 30% of Millennials would stay at a company that didn’t know what it stood for and what its main differentiator was. That leaves a whole whopping 70% who are going to wave bye bye because there just is no difference between that company and the next one. Just like the 86% of buyers who can’t tell the difference between two suppliers, employees also care about your differentiator.

Why So Hard

If everyone knows to differentiate, then why don’t they do it? Companies are far more likely to play the price game to win a bid than to ever try to invest in figuring out their differentiator. As an expert in differentiating, I’ve found that most companies and even their sophisticated marketing departments are lost about how exactly to differentiate in a crushingly crowded marketplace.

How To Differentiate

There are only 3 ways to differentiate that I know of. 1. Invent something/some way that is superior to what exists 2. Niche 3. Create a brand characteristic. I teach all the ways on how to do all these things but the general gist is that it’s absolutely possible to position yourself as different through your marketing. Even if you are selling a commodity that pours for free out of every tap in most of the developed world. (such as water!)

So when you’re ready to stop letting employees and prospects choose someone else to work with, find your differentiator and don’t ever be afraid to be, do or say different things than your competitors.

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