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Drumming up new customers is on the minds of every business owner. In fact a Constant Contact survey says that 80% of them stay up at night thinking about this very thing.(as a small business coach, I am definitely a part of that statistic!) Here’s an excerpt from a rocking article about really cool ways to get new clients. I’ve talked about these in one way or another throughout the years so I wanted to share it with you when I saw it all neatly packaged in an article:

1. Visit Popular Conferences
(If can’t afford to attend), stand outside of the conference venues–dressed appropriately–and meet the attendees while they are on lunch break.–Sunil Rajaraman, Scripted.com
2. Investing in Old-Fashioned Relationship-Building
While everyone is busy looking for the next viral campaign, we find old-fashioned relationship-building still trumps all other marketing efforts
3. Stop Selling, Start Asking Questions
Instead of trying to guess the sales triggers with a potential customer, let him tell you why he needs your product or service.
4. Posting Contrarian Articles
Posts such as “The Best Ways to Build up Credit Card Debt” became quite popular with our readers and attracted many new ones. —Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance
5. Making Weekly Phone Calls With Customers
To start 2013, our team decided to go back to our roots and chat directly with customers. Every team member now has a weekly call with a different customer. We ask for honest feedback (good and bad) and learn a ton. —Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches
6. Giving Away Content for Free
If people read something that’s great, they’re going to want to know where it came from–and follow that source in the future. —Derek Flanzraich, Greatist
7. Using Existing Customers to Gain New Ones
Your best customer is your best marketing tool to acquire new customers. —Brett Farmiloe, Markitors
8. Sampling Services to Non-Member Companies
When your brand is new, it’s important to create these micro-branding experiences for your target market–priming them to be receptive. —Manpreet Singh, Seva Call
9. Experimenting With Odd Ads
We ran an experiment with a blank banner ad to see if users on touchscreens were intending to tap our ads, or if the taps were accidental. The blank white banner ad had the highest click-through rate of all our ads. As a result, we are now less likely to use pay-per-click advertising methods. —Justin Beck, PerBlue
via 9 Unlikely Ways to Drum Up New Customers.

Whether using these 9 ways or other, always remember to keep you target client’s pain top of mind and to always speak from their perspective and in their language.
You can’t go wrong when you do.
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