90% of your decisions are in the bottom part

made subconsciously…
What? Yeah and it can be bad news if it’s keeping you from growing your business or changing your life.

What is your Subconscious?

It’s a storage unit of sorts for the movies you made of your environment through the camera of your perceptions from the age of 0-7. Everything you experienced, saw or heard gets recorded in your subconscious as absolute truth. For example, when I asked my 6-year old if 2 men could get married, he thought about it and said ‘no’. I then told him, ‘yes, they can’. He shrugged and mentally recorded it into his subconscious. No analysis, no editing. Now had I said ‘it’s so unfair that 2 men get to do that’, he would’ve also recorded this, that it was unfair. Never mind that it’s a judgment and a belief, his subconscious would have taken it as an absolute truth and come back to haunt him with guilt or misery if he himself one day wanted to marry a man. See how it works?

Why is it Bad News?

In business, the things that keep you growing are the hard questions like:

1) Who will I need to walk away from to be successful?

2) What risks will I need to take that may threaten my fear of what people may think of me?

3) What things will I need to walk away from that will no longer support my success?

4) Am I willing to do whatever it takes for my own success? * (David Neagle)

If the answer to these questions in your subconscious is too painful, you won’t be able to succeed.

If 90% of your decisions are based on the conditioning that operates you like a machine, you can’t possibly be making new choices based on your creative, conscious thinking.

What To Do About It

You need to first have enough desire to want to change. Simply wishing for a bigger client base isn’t going to happen without some dramatic change to what you’re doing. I had to painfully get over some fears and hire a coach for an amount I had NEVER thought to consider. You need enough desire to change your patterns of thinking, and action. Sometimes, one preceeds the other. For example, when I quadrupled my prices overnight because my coach told me to, I was still terrified. I was having a heart attack while quoting the new price. After enough rejections, one person finally said yes. Then I started to believe that it could happen and it got easier from then on. In that case, the action changed the thought. There are so many ways such as tapping, NLP, mindmovies, and I can go on..to change your conditioning.

If 90% of your decisions are not getting you the life that you want, then you have to actively change what you’re doing and thinking.

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