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I was exhausted.

I had worked non stop talking to clients all day and still had an article to write AND a networking event that night to go to. I was also nursing a cold.
At that moment I understood that I was standing at the precipice of a decision. An even bigger ‘AHA’ came to me as I followed that train of thought.
We’re the results of our series of decisions throughout our lives but especially in our businesses.
 You Are What You Choose
So did I push myself to pour myself into a dress and heels and hit the event that night even though I felt like death warmed over? I decided it’s too easy to stay stuck in the house, behind the phone and behind my computer. I decided I actually get clients out of meeting new people.(and so do you!)
How Are Your Choices Adding Up?
My hero Dr.Wayne Dyer has a barometer by which I measure all things. He says if you look at the state of your life right now, it’s a mirror for what’s going on inside you.
So if you’re sick and in despair or can’t get any clients, what’s happening inside you? Remember, the sequence of events in your little body are: thought, feeling, action. Not the other way around.
Lump It Or Like It
If you don’t like the results of the decisions you’ve been making lately, how do you change? Do you accept that that’s the way the cookie crumbles or make a DECISION to change?
Proof Is In The Pudding
Another hero of mine, Anthony Robbins says that the only indication of a decision is an action step that you take. Otherwise (and I vehemently agree with him) you’re just talking to yourself and fooling yourself. When you consistently make the decisions to be successful, you will BE successful.
If you want to change your results, change your thoughts and most importantly AND  change your decision.
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