Are you you or a robot?

Are you guilty of automating the unique selling point which is the personality out of your brand? Let’s see..

What Is Your Brand Personality

If you’re Nike or Staples, your brand personality has been carefully crafted and created by teams of marketing geniuses. They also dump Millions of Dollars into figuring out how to keep perpetuating and pouring that personality into their target market’s ears and eyes. However, if you’re a small business, do you know what your brand personality is? It’s YOU! It’s your personality traits and characteristics and expertise. I’ll give you big company examples to demonstrate. Let’s take Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin brand. His personality is whacky and out of the box. Guess what all his brands stand for? Outlandish marketing campaigns (jumping out of an airplane in a wedding gown?) and crazy marketing copy. What about Steve Jobs? The famous minimalist, one-time-fruitarian? He designed everything Apple to be as clever and streamlined as himself.

Deliberate Use Of Your Personality In Your Marketing

Now, you might be thinking that you’re an interesting and great person. I’m sure everyone who knows you would agree with that. However, it’s more about how you use that personality to infuse it into your marketing to set your brand apart. For example, I often use my dry humour to write these blogs and newsletters. After my keynotes, people have written me to say how much they enjoyed my off-beat-humour. Other ways I use my personality is in my keynote titles and images (a guy with a mouth zippered for my last webinar called “Conference Confidential”).

Automating The Brand To Boredom

When you, the Founder isn’t inserting your personality into the marketing that gets out and in front of people who don’t know you or will never meet you, you’re missing an opportunity to set your brand apart. There is even research about how when CEO don’t post to social media, the share prices are lower because trust is lower.
So, even though automation is great and can get some results, don’t risk becoming another nameless, faceless brand. Make it your own, in the true sense of the word.
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