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I’m a huge (and frustrated since I can’t see as many as I want) movie buff. So as a small business owner who helps entrepreneurs with their branding, I look for lessons in branding from the movies. What better place to look at than the Oscars? Here are some great lessons:

1. You’re never too old or young to be a hot brand. For the first time in Oscars history, the nominees for the Best Actress category span a range of ages.
Takeaway: Don’t write off the oldest products, services (or people) in your business as has-been. Instead find ways to draw on their strengths and put them in new contexts that take advantage of their brand longevity.

2. Relevance can span decades. Arkin was first nominated 46 years ago for The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.
Takeaway:  A solid brand that changes with the times can be as popular now as it was in the beginning.

3. Small brands can shine bright even next to big ones. (Silver Linings Playbook) Weaver, wasn’t a household name in the U.S., and DeNiro is such a strong brand and presence that it’s hard to notice anyone else when he’s on screen.
Takeaway: Your opportunity to shine lies in your ability to show off what you uniquely do better than anyone else.

4. One moment can make a brand. A short moment in the overall film, instantly set Hathaway up as an acting force to be reckoned with, forever changing her brand.
Takeaway: No encounter, presentation, meeting or moment is to be wasted, and every one offers you the opportunity to establish the power of your brand.
via Branding Lessons from the Oscars.

If you’re as pumped about getting new clients through building a strong brand as I am about watching the Oscars, then learn from Hollywood and shine like a star in your industry.
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