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When you’re the only crew on your ship, it’s tough to take our hands off the rudder. So you keep saying to yourself…

But many business owners don’t allow themselves the luxury of a day off here and there, and certainly not a vacation. This can lead to Business Burnout, and that’s not pretty. Business Burnout will make you far less effective, more moody, less decisive and possibly depressed, anxious and resentful. Who wants to do business with someone like that?
It’s too difficult to get away.
It’s not worth it, because I just come back to a mess.
I might miss an important opportunity if I take time off.
Who will take care of the clients?
No one else can do what I do.
I can’t afford to take time off.
It’s no fun to take time off if I can’t afford to do anything different.
via Business Burnout.

The road to burnout for entrepreneurs is well documented. In fact I’m doing a webinar about it in 2 days, come and take steps to focus your life and skip the burnout.
In the meantime, enjoy the reasons why you became self-employed instead. Commit to someone else that you will take that time off no matter what. Remind yourself of the consequences of burnout.
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