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I hope this letter finds you well! 2011 was a really interesting and wonderful year for me.  As you may have already heard (probably from me!) I left my 20 year marketing career and 7 year beloved job at BIC and launched my coaching business full time last August and the year has flown by!
I’m proud to say that things are going very well and want to take a minute to update you.  Just to brag a little, I am also including testimonials from several of my clients who have become ‘raving fans’.  After doing numerous workshops and keynotes in the realm of Leadership Coaching, I was shocked to find that most of my clients were interested in my marketing background and were coming to me for help in branding their businesses to get more clients!
Most recently, I’ve started offering Marketing Small Business workshops called “Attract not Attack…a gentle way to get clients”. The feedback has been fabulous. The processes and principles I speak about in the workshops are the same processes that I use with my one-to-one coaching clients.
Motivated solo and small business owners who are not sure how to even begin to market themselves come to me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and drained. Helping them to get very clear on their goals and to identify their strengths as they move forward in the direction that is right for them are two of the important pieces that I guide my clients through. One of my goals is to help them get energized, inspired and see new levels of success, and of course the most important thing is that I help them achieve the BIG business goals they have identified. Read the attached page to read about their results.
Oh, and more exciting news! I am offering a FREE ebook on my website, introducing the simple secret of Branding for Expanding (your business that is…)
I am so grateful to you for your support and for your referrals. If you do know of a motivated solo or small business owner who is tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, then tell them about me and let me know about them as well. I would love to get in touch and see if I can help.
Enjoy the freezing cold (but still beautiful) winter!
Chala Dincoy-Flajnik
Andrea Orozco, President, Kikuchi Strategy and Design
Chala’s coaching helps me to keep focused and on track. The techniques that we develop together are both practical and easy to manage. I love that she doesn’t feed me the answers; I find solutions with her guidance and through focus on what is truly most important, not what seems most important. There is a big difference between the two.
I knew coaching was really working when, due to a conflict in our schedules, Chala and I missed two weeks of communication. In the third week, I realized how little I had accomplished without her – I almost felt like I was moving backward instead of forward!
Chala has a very good understanding of sales and business in general and helps me tremendously in this department. I have increased my sales every single month since I have started working with her as my coach. She is worth every dollar I pay for her services and more!
Karley Gittens, Owner, Gitten Creative
I just wanted to thank you for all the help and encouragement you’ve given me over the last couple of months.  I can honestly say that if I hadn’t gotten the coaching, my experience with running a business and looking after 2 kids would have been very crazy!!
I feel as though I’ve discovered what is really important in my life.  With your help, I’ve learned how to explore and use my available resources to free up time for myself, prioritize and make better decisions.
I now feel more organized, in control and almost stress free on a day-to-day basis! I’m a better person at home and at work (even my husband has noticed a big change.  I’m hopeful that we will work together in the future to expand my business. I know that you would make this a much faster, smoother transition.
Dave Scurr, Sales Representative, Lithocolour
Chala has helped me tremendously in dealing with personal and business challenges. She lets me find answers to my questions and challenges, and won’t let me get away with excuses.
I like that our process of working together is tailor-made for me – we work on my challenges and issues and Chala is able to guide, listen and encourage while respecting my own pace.
Chala’s personal approach to coaching is challenging and rewarding; I feel much more confident and competent in my approach to business now and I really look forward to our coaching sessions every week.
Dominik Loncar, YMCA Employment-North York Employment & Newcomer Services
In 4 years of working as a branding consultant with the YMCA, Chala has helped hundreds of small businesses thrive by giving them a unique way of looking at their business and by helping them to develop a roadmap to success through strong branding strategies.

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