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nauseatedIf the title of this blog post got your notice, you might have at one point in your life been turned off and even offended by a person selling something. That person could have even been me who nauseated you!
I used to feel exactly the same way. Now I know why and what it used to cost me and my small business.
Let me explain.
The Unending Pitch
At a networking event I happened to be attending with my own coach, tickets to a conference were being sold to the audience. The meeting which was supposed to end at 9pm dragged on for at least an extra hour due to this sales pitch. I was resentful of the time taken from my evening and had a long drive home. Several other women I spoke to later on even told me that they’d dumped their membership from the networking group in protest of this outrage. Most people were upset that they’d been ‘sold-to’. I mentioned it to my coach and his answer really woke me up. He said that people who have a negative reaction to selling and sales people are almost always suffering from a lack of sales or money in their own business.
Your Money Story
Wow! I had no clue that my dislike of a ‘pitch’ was coming from my own beliefs around money. It made total sense though. I come from an immigrant family who was raised in a developing country in the 50’s. My Mom was the coupon queen. My Dad had so much stress about money that he had high blood pressure at the age of 40! We weren’t poor but we were taught never to have a debt and always to be very careful with money. My income set-point never got any higher than just under 6 figures. I thought that earning more than that would equal abandoning my family and health. Is it any wonder that I disliked people who had no qualms about taking my money? When I learned that my money story and belief around my inability to get more money equaled a mistrust of someone selling me something, I really took a hard look at myself and changed the way I viewed money and sales. For the first time in my life after 44 years of living, I was able to crack my earning ceiling!
Is Selling Taking Or Giving?
The fundamental truth about people who view selling as taking money (or whatever money equals for them–like freedom or security) away from people is that they themselves are never comfortable with or good at taking it from others. When business owners start to view the act of selling as giving help, service and options to people, that’s when they become less nauseated with people who are doing it to them.
Take Note
So the next time that you hear a sales pitch and hear people complaining about being offended about someone selling them something, take note of your own reaction and try to think about the implications for your business success. If you can learn from those who are doing it well and even from those who aren’t so polished at it, you can only add prosperity to your business and get to help that many more people who desperately need your services.
Stop criticizing people who are selling to you and learn from them. Stop hanging around with people who are nauseated by sales-y people and see your income go up. Get down to the core of your money story and your limiting money beliefs and break out of your own money set point like I did. This could be the single biggest success factor in your business.
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