As I was rehearsing to do my speech this weekend at the Harvard Club of Boston, I saw a fascinating post by a business guru that really triggered my mind. In the middle of my heart palpitations prepping for my own Look-at-me-marketing opportunity, I had a giant Oprah “a-ha” moment.

It’s About Me Not You

Here’s what I was reminded of in very clear terms: Nobody cares that you met a celebrity. Nobody wants to see you on a billboard in Times Square. Nobody gives a hoot that you are successful. UNLESS you can show them how to do it too.

Let-Me-Help-You Marketing

When you turn your “look-at-me” into a “how I can help you” opportunity, then your marketing truly works. For example, forgetting what I already knew about humans only caring only about themselves and their businesses, I did my first talk at Nasdaq about my humble beginnings. With the encouragement of my coach, I told a very painful and secret story without linking it in any way to what I do and how I help entrepreneurs turn elevator pitches into leads. Then, this time around for my speech at Harvard, I knew better. This time, I told the humiliating story of my first networking elevator pitch and how I was brutally rejected by my prospect. The big difference is that I also gave the audience a crash course in how to do a powerful pitch. The results? I didn’t have a single person ask me about my work at Nasdaq. In comparison, I had 4 sales conversations the day of my speech at Harvard.

Visibility Alone Doesn’t Convert

So if you’re speaking in front of hundreds and go on TV or even if you just write articles for your visibility. Don’t ever forget to include how you can help people with specifics. Yes, people want to see the real you and hear your war stories but make sure to pick ones that are within the context of how you help people.

Then, not only are people looking at you but they are also buying from you.

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