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A question I often get from clients is “how do I avoid giving away the whole secret of what I do in my blogs or videos?” It’s really a critical question because who’s going to buy the cow if you already gave them the milk? (a gross thought really, who wants a cow? I’ve always wondered)
Two Schools Of Thought
There are two ways to answer that question and both are valid. One is to give a snippet of the solution away without holding anything back and the second is to share the WHAT and the WHY without giving away HOW you arrive at the solution.
Giving It Away
I remember watching in rapturous attention how “Selling from the Stage” guru Lisa Sasevitch shared in her video, how to get people to BEG for a sales sheet for her program. The problem was, the video was such a short snippet of what I needed that I was automatically interested in signing up with her program to learn even more. When even a small portion of your wisdom can give value to people, they’ll be lining up to work with you on a full-time basis.
The Tease
The other alternative is to give potential clients the end result (WHAT) of your help and why this process will work but holding back the detailed description of the process (HOW) itself.  For example, I show successful examples of how I’ve helped clients re-niche their businesses to pick a more focused and viable target client and report on the successful results of our work together. I don’t really go into HOW to pick that said niche. That’s part of why people would hire me for a longer term relationship.
Give Value
Whichever way you toss the dice, you need to be giving amazing, juicy value when you’ve got peoples’ attention. You’ve got to say something new or something old in a new way. You’ve got to tune into your audience’s problems and headaches. You’ve got to speak their language. Then and only then will they want to work with you.
Wanting More
It is human psychology to want more of something that looks like it might speak to you. We see the ‘leave them wanting’ technique used in movie trailers, TV ads, training videos, virtually everywhere we look. Why should your business not benefit from this powerful marketing tool?
How can you tease your potential clients this month?
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