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You thought Halloween was just for kids and drinking parties. Entrepreneurs take note, your business can take a cue and ‘dress up’ by being inspired by these recent events for the occasion. Here’s a truly silly look at how to take advantage of this scaaary holiday for your small business.
The US Government Shuts Down
You can shut your own business down for Halloween and dress up as the US Government. You can avoid going to national parks and monuments for the day if you’re being true to the original model.
Miley Cyrus Twerks at the MTV VMAs
In honour of this nearly naked look that Miley had going for her, you can send a completely honest note baring your soul to your clients. I’ve always been a great proponent of transparency in your brand, why not take this occasion as an opportunity to do so.
Prince George Makes His Public Debut
The cutest monarch couple in history has spawned a child. What would it be like if this Halloween you gave birth to your own business child, in the form of a new program or a new package of your old services?
Beyoncé Cuts Her Hair
When her hair caught in a fan and she later lobbed the entire length off into a short bob, Beyoncé made a bold move. What can you cut in your business that would be equally bold and has been causing you a headache? This Halloween, why not go ahead and chop it off?
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Inspired by http://www.popsugar.com/Hot-Halloween-Costumes-2013-31925008?image_nid=31929161&slide=2

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