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If you feel the need for a Depends adult diaper as an entrepreneur trying to get new clients while doing things out of your comfort zone, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In this excerpt from an upcoming book Creating a Blueprint for Inner Change, I am contributing a chapter called The Anxious Small Business: A blueprint to lose your fear. Here, you will find the chronicles of entrepreneurs who might find themselves peeing their pants with anxiety and fear.
Anxiety #3: Fear of marketing or selling yourself
Does the word marketing make you feel dirty? Are you like my client “Ann” who was so bothered by the concept of selling her services that she refused to ask anyone for a referral or a testimonial? If you have clients only because they call you and not the other way around or if you have a picture of Larry the used car salesman from Three’s Company floating in your mind as you speak to people about what you do, you probably hate selling and marketing.
Blueprint to lose your fear
Change your mind-set to serving not selling. You were put on this earth for a very specific way to help others who are instinctively drawn to you. But they don’t know how to find you. Marketing is just a way of getting in front of those people who need your help and telling them that you understand and can help with their pain. When your own inner critic is keeping you from reaching out into the world and finding these people who need you, you’re actually being a little selfish. Have a good plan: Selling and marketing is often thought to be unpleasant because most small businesses don’t have a good plan. They don’t have a specific niche and a well thought out way to get in front of that niche. Imagine if you knew exactly who needed you and knew the exact thing to say to get them to follow you home and beg to work with you. Do you think you’d hate selling and marketing as much then? Get help from someone who’s done it well: Famed speaker Anthony Robbins was an overweight and unemployed young man who was the product of a broken home when he started reading books about men who were successful throughout history. He knew the value of learning from people who’d done success well and learned from them. You too can find a coach, a mentor or even a friend who is maybe a few steps ahead of you in the business development curve and who’s got it all figured out. Ask for their help pronto!
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