This Sales Rep could rest his feet if he used more email marketing

Are you still resisting doing newsletters or creating blogs to send to prospects through email marketing? Sadly, the stats are against you. People do read emails and they do buy from them. Even if you’re in the high value kind of business I’m in, emails open doors. I can personally attest to that and have tried to convince many a client to do the same. Here’s why:

People Just Want To Have Fun

When something that engages you with a smile or some emotion lands in your inbox, don’t you want to open it every week? I can’t tell you the number of people that I’ve met who have told me even months after about my newsletter that talks about how lost luggage landed me on a Jamaican beach in my boots and jeans. My newsletters engage because they’re fun, occasionally funny and cater to the voyeuristic tendencies of most humans by revealing glimpses of my personal life. How can you make your emails do the same?

Emails Teach

80% of Linkedin users only want content that gives them value and teaches them new things in their industry. Why not use your emails to educate your prospects about a solution that you offer to a pain in their industry? Make it full of past client stories and how you helped those clients. Make it industry specific to be even more relevant. Add value to your prospect’s life and business through their inbox. Again, I’ve received so many comments and thanks for the advice I give away for free on my blogs and newsletters! Many have converted into clients later. It’s all about starting the conversation.

Emails Remind

Do you have the bandwidth to be calling all the prospects who weren’t ready to work with you yet? Did you get a chance to give yet one more call back to that speaking gig you were trying to line up? Was there a client dragging his feet in cooperating? Your email does the wonderful and free job of poking them gently on your behalf EVERY WEEK. Now, I say every week because I truly believe consistency sets the tone and gets results. I always think that businesses that send me newsletters in fits and starts (not regularly) or to sell an event really don’t have much impact on me as those who I have a continuing weekly thread of conversation with. So just like in digestion, regularity is the key word in email marketing.

Emails Open Doors

Lastly, the major reason why you need to be rethinking your no-thanks attitude when it comes to email marketing is because out of every other type of outreach, it seems to open more doors. Remember $44? Provided of course that it’s relevant, entertaining and informative. It’s then your job to go through those doors to close the sale. But that’s another blog
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