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save moneyThe biggest misconception I run into about marketing amongst small business owners is that it’s expensive. If you’re interested in making sure that what you do spend is not wasted, read this article by  of Inc. Magazine where he talks about 3 golden ways to do just that:

1. Be Compelling
To be truly compelling you need these three components:

  • Empathy– Identify their pain that most needs to be resolved if you want them to notice you.
  • Objectivity– Suggest a perfect resolution to their pain so they’ll agree and yearn for more of what you have to say.
  • Differentiation– Promote true differentiation by offering something your competitors can’t do or won’t do without great effort or expense.

2. Be Intentional

  • Forethought–Analyze patterns, behaviors and objections in advance to open a successful sales path with your prospects.
  • Efficiency– Look for ways each tool can save time and money on a per sale basis and then measure, measure, measure to insure efficacy.
  • Integration–Spend time figuring out how to gain exponential benefit by making your programs consistent and relatable.

3. Be Memorable

  • Creativity–Combine creative mediums like video and art for resonant emotional outcomes.
  • Intensity–Your communication needs to be extremely powerful to break through the noise of the millions of messages bombarding your customers every day.
  • Revelation  – To truly be memorable you have to deliver an AHA! moment.


If you’re using the spaghetti method of marketing (throwing one noodle against the wall to see if it’ll stick as a determinant of the whole pot of noodles being cooked) then you are in deep marketing pain. The “spray and pray” method is exhausting and expensive and it certainly doesn’t maximize your marketing bucks.
I hope you can see that by being strategic and using the above advice as guidelines, you can start to get qualified leads who will love you and beg to work with you.
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