An estimated 90 million Americans listen to at least one podcast each month, according to Edison Research. But that’s not why I did it. Here are the lessons that I learned along the way to birthing this idea of podcasting.

Clear The Blocks

I knew from my own coaches and people in my industry that I look up to that podcasts have a great ROI. That made me say to myself “why don’t I do one?”. That was about a year ago. And I kept stopping myself. I kept thinking “it’s too much work”, “I don’t want more to do on my plate”, “how am I going to line up topics and guests, it’s just too hard”, “I have to have my hair and makeup done every week if I’m going to record this thing”, “I’m usually in gym clothes all day, I am going to have to change that if I do this” and on and on it went. Until I cleared the blocks and moved ahead anyway.

Re-inventing the Podcast

When I cleared the blocks and started looking at this adventure a different way, a whole host of opportunities came up. I decided I would still be in gym clothes and without makeup and hair done and that would have to be ok. Then when I was talking to the organizer of 3 conferences I was hired at, she said something that really rocked my world. She said “I don’t know anyone else who fixes Elevator pitches in the moment like you do, Chala”. So that became my content and I decided to have an extremely short podcast of about 5 minutes. One episode per business per pitch. Boom, that’s it.

The Freedom of Creation

The freedom of the permission to be different than everything that’s ever been created before is so amazing. The night of the day I decided to make my podcast about fixing pitches, I attended a friends’ networking event. That night, I met a videographer, found a podcast room in the venue we were meeting. As if that wasn’t enough, I had 10 people sign up to do the first live ‘Polish My Pitch Podcast’ filming. It all came together so incredibly that I could hardly believe my eyes. In the next few days I had a logo and jingle created and now we are all set. My launch is just a few short week away. I know it’s going to help a lot of entrepreneurs because this is a tricky subject for a lot of them.

So the lessons are to let go of preconceived notions. Let go of perfection and be in the flow of the kind of marketing that gets you excited! See you on the podcast!

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