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Twins (1988 film)
What’s different about you?
As a small business owner, you are the heart of that business. Your personality is the business’ personality.  Your unique quirks and special attributes makes you stand out from all other humans whether you want it to or not. The real question is whether you strategically capitalize on this uniqueness in marketing your business. If the afro that most people remember about you can be used on your Twitter picture or your 6 children who are featured in your blogs make you memorable, I don’t know why you wouldn’t use them in your marketing more prominently.
Zag instead of Zig
There must be thousands of marketing training events that are offered in my city which has a population of 6 million every day. Instead of lamenting and worrying about filling my own events, I look at how I can make them different. For example, my latest Public Speaking Bootcamp offers a relaxing and fun Wine Pairing event at lunch.  People don’t sign up for the wine but you can bet they remember my events and I never have trouble getting butts in seats for the next one. What can you offer that’s different, better, more creative or off the wall about what you do?
If you can manage to properly establish a brand character and do things a little differently than the next guy, then you can safely and comfortably claim to all who’ll listen that you are indeed an Original.
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