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You think you’re a hot shot online? Think again, in  ‘s Inc Magazine article, study findings show that customers think a lot less of your business than you think they do. Here are the stats:

A recent study by Web.com found that small businesses underestimated the opportunity they have to build relationships with customers via the web and also overestimated their positive presence online.
Only 50 percent of consumers surveyed reported that small businesses meet or exceed their expectations in terms of a web and social media presence–something most businesses owners don’t realize. Of the small business decision-makers who were surveyed, 61 percent rated their websites positively, while only 46 percent of consumers shared the same view.

The big reason for the disconnect between what consumers think of a small business’ online presence and what the small business decision makers think of their presence is the expectations each group has around web presence. I can’t stress talking to your clients enough. Ask them all day, every day what they think of you, your presence and  your industry. Find out what’s happening in their minds, then change your marketing to fit their reality, not yours.
You’ll be the wealthiest small business owner if you base your entire marketing, including online presence on your CONSUMERS’ insights.
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