Is your website all about you you you?

That’s right, you heard me. I just asked an absurd question. Is your website all about you–your products, services, staff, offices etc? In other words, is it selfish? Here’s how to know and why that’s bad.

The Me Me Me Website

Most small businesses I meet think that their websites should be a product information sheet. After all, websites are websites. There are pretty ones, uglier ones. Longer ones or less complicated ones. At the end of the day, they are all talking about THEMSELVES and think that this is normal. This is what I call Selfish Broadcast Marketing. Now why is this happening? Because most of the time, businesses haven’t figured out exactly who they’re targeting. Small businesses are either ‘industry agnostic’ or haven’t figured out that to grow faster, they need to focus on at least one big vertical. So they don’t know who, other than themselves to talk about on their website.

Your Website Should Be a Love Letter

As I mentioned in my same titled post a few years ago, your website should actually be addressing one cohesive group of people (your lover) who have the same problem that you’re an expert in solving. Now what would it be like having several different lovers and writing them all ONE love letter? It would be generic and non-specific. It would be vanilla and boring. With one clear target audience (or several if you serve different industries- on different web pages), your website gets to hit all their pain points and to dole out chicken soup for just their soul.

The Non-Selfish Website

When all your messaging including your website copy stops being selfish and broadcasting things about YOU and flips around to being about YOUR AUDIENCE, great things happen. Engagement goes up. People start filling out that form for your Irresistible Free Download you’re offering and gift you with their coveted personal information. You start to position yourself as an expert in a very specific solution to your audience’s pain. You become a thought leader. You become sought after and best of all you become differentiated amongst all your peers who are just as busy broadcasting their wares.
So take a moment to go to your website and see if from the moment people land on yours, how are you helping them, talking to them and loving them. Stop being selfish and stop talking about yourself to the exclusion of talking about your prospects.
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