Zoom fatigue is hitting all of us. But this hilarious event where a lawyer couldn’t take off his kitten zoom filter in court has a ton of lessons for our businesses.

Prep is Everything

When a lawyer borrowed his assistant’s laptop to join the proceedings in a Texas courtroom Zoom meeting, things took a strange turn. He couldn’t turn off his kitten filter and so appeared to be talking as a fluffy white kitten. The dead boring proceedings were livened up when in helpless frustration, the lawyer declared “I am not a cat”. Even the sleeping opposing lawyer took the time to glance up and laugh at that one. Then it all went viral. The moral of the story? Prepare your technology way before the call so you’re never mistaken for a cat.

Phone Power

Another consideration to help with Zoom fatigue is to opt out of video calls but to have phone calls instead. This reduces prep time, stress and offers a refreshing alternative to endless hours of having to sit in one spot. And no, I don’t think it’s professional to be walking a treadmill while you’re on a zoom call with your camera on! So get on the phone instead and make sure you’re not panting during the call.

Permanent Corner

One of the best ways to minimize Zoom fatigue is to have a permanently well lit, sound-proofed corner for all your calls. So do whatever you have to do to Amazon yourself a ring-light, a curtain for the blinding light coming from behind you and some wired airbuds and you’ve got yourself a permanent station for stress-free zooming.

The New Normal

Lastly, any spiritual practice will tell you that with acceptance comes peace. If you make Zoom your new normal and come to grips with the aspects you don’t like (ie. turn off your view of yourself if you can’t stand your hair etc.) then move on to peaceful acceptance.

You’ll thank yourself that you did and stop feeling the Zoom pinch.

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