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Your slogan is the best way to convey your brand voice and character. Your brand character is the only thing that makes you different than every other competitor in your industry. So do yourself a favour and have a slogan (or a tag line). Then after you get one, make sure that it tells the truth about you, your service and your company at every turn. Here are some other tips to make your slogan resonate with the TRUTH.

1. Know that benefits trump features.
If your product is simplifying my life and adding a critical minute or two of extra, free time, I’ll stick to you like white on rice.
2. Tell your story through the customer’s eye.
No one cares if your product, service, or people are smarter, stronger, or faster than the competitors. They want to know that you’ll somehow improve their lives.
3. Kick the tires before making the claim.
Don’t do what Comcast, my cable provider, promises in its advertising. Don’t tell me you’re “Comcastic” when you and I, both know your service is abysmal and your customer service representatives can be more threatening than a New Jersey State Trooper.
4. Tell the truth.
Just think back to that legendary Avis tagline: “We’re only No. 2. We try harder.” That campaign prompted generations of businesspeople to select Avis over its larger rival, Hertz.
5. Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes before you put pen to paper.
Don’t tell anyone you’re the best at anything before you, yourself, walk in your customer’s shoes and know it’s a fact.
via Make Your Slogan Ring True.

Being authentic and genuine and communicating that through your slogan is one of the keys to marketing yourself and your company to stand out among the rest in a sea of competitors. So take the bold step of asking your clients what your truth is and wear it on your slogan. People will remember you for it.
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