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The InBand that looks suspiciously like a FitBit

I’ve long told you that buyers are liars. Here you can read my previous post about it. But now they’re busted. There’s now technology that gets into the human body chemistry that can tell if buyers actually really like an ad or if they’re still lying.

Neuromarketing The Tattle-tale

A hilariously (I thought so but then I have a warped humour!) shocking study used a Fitbit type of oxytocin-meter called the INBand (that tracks the cadence of your heartbeat to measure your emotion). In this study, subjects wearing the INBand were asked to watch some Super Bowl ads. They would track if subjects laughed, cried or were engaged emotionally (the heart would go bang bang at that point. I’m no doctor but you get the idea)..Then they compared the INBand ad liking scores to the regular self-reported old USA Today’s Ad Meter for the same ads. And guess what????… (this is the hilarious part if you’re in my blond head) the scores were completely reversed. The highest scoring INBand ad where the heartbeat showed the highest engagement was the LOWEST self-rated ad on the Ad Meter. Huh..who’s lying? The buyer or his heart rate?

Implications For Your Business

What if, when you sent a sales email or did a speech in front of a group of prospects, you could measure your target’s emotional response to it? What if, instead of just views and clicks, you could see if people liked your article or your newsletter or even booth at a show by finding out what their heart was doing? Now you have the chance to measure emotions rather than ask prospects about what they think. Because sadly, buyers don’t even know what they think. This was demonstrated in yet ANOTHER research where neuromarketers tested already aired TV shows with a neurotester for likelihood of being cancelled. They compared the scores to the good old self-reported methods. And you guessed it, it happened again! Self reported scores(as in, Yes, I loved that show and would watch it until I die vs. No, cancel this show my dog wouldn’t even watch it!) only predicted top-rated shows 17% of the time whereas the neurotester which measured the body chemistry was 84% accurate!!!

The Future Is Bright

One thing that remains clear for all businesses big and small is that EMOTION sells. So even if you don’t have access to measure that in your audience right now because you don’t have the technology, deliberately adding emotion to your messaging (your elevator pitch, your web copy, your keynote speech, your blog, your social media post etc) will bring you more engagement, attention and ultimately, more sales.
Make them weep people…
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