Do people hate your pitch?

One of my business heroes Gary V was speaking at a recent conference I was at. A woman who owned a nutrition consulting business in the audience asked Gary how she could make people want to buy from her since most told her they had no money for her services. In typical Gary V style, this was his brilliant answer: “People aren’t buying because they don’t have MONEY, they just don’t like your PITCH!”

Buyers Are Liars

In the sales process, anything that’s not a YES is a NO. “We’ll think about it”, “We need to finish X before we can engage you”, “I’m not ready for it yet” etc. are all soft NO’s. Even if that turns into a YES 3 years down the road. If the transaction isn’t ending with them giving you money, it’s a NO. So buyers are liars and don’t believe them if they tell you they don’t have MONEY. Everyone can find money if they had to. I often ask the ‘would you be able to find this amount if you had a gun to your head?” So you see, everyone has the same money.

You’re Pitching the Wrong People

Who most needs your help? What’s the result they’d get from nutritional consulting? Should you position yourself as an expert in healing diseases or in weight reduction or in improved mobility…the possibilities are endless. The strategic work that needs to be done is to systematically vet the market for which of these many possibilities is the quickest path to cash. So if you’re pitching to the wrong people who don’t need your help, you bet they don’t have money.

They Don’t Like Your Pitch

Let’s say you did the research to come up with who most needs your help as a nutritional consultant. We know that 70% of purchasing decisions are made to solve a problem and only 30% are to improve something. If your pitch doesn’t include pain words and doesn’t convey the magnitude of the problem they’re living with, they will not have money for you.
So as in the words of the crazy man from New York-get your pitch right and you’ll find people with all kinds of money to give you!
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