Businesses are just now coming out of the storm of the pandemic. And there’s a lot of good news and new direction in this recent research conducted by the AMA and Deloitte about marketing in the aftermath of Covid.

Marketing Is King

There is a return of optimism in the market about the US economy, with 55% of marketers claiming that they have a good outlook compared to the atrocious 15% optimism in June of last year. Not only that but 72% of respondents said that the importance of marketing has increased in their company! I personally can feel that marketing has become more important in the new economy because my business is booming like never before!

Offence vs Defence

Aggression is the name of the game. No longer are marketing strategies designed only for fostering long term brand awareness and equity build. Now it’s about getting right to the heart of the business needs ASAP. Companies want their marketing to go out and get new customers and to improve the ROI of the marketing spend they are shelling out.

Digital is The Way

Digital continues to dominate every post-pandemic marketing research as being the absolute key way to do any kind of business. The top 3 most common marketing focus areas are 1. Website optimization 2. Digital media and 3. SEO. If you’re not re-looking at these 3 areas for your company, seriously consider it. If you’re in any position to pivot into serving one of these focus areas, then go after that. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to bowing down to the fact that everything will now and forever be digital.

If you’re in the post-pandemic business world and you’re a small business trying to navigate the turbulent waters of success, take heed of the above trends and make the most out of this very unique time in history. You can soar or sink in the tidal wave of the pandemic if you play it right.

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