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If you beat yourself up about not being social media savvy, you can stop. It looks like most social media tools listed below are still very fringe (ranging between 13-16% of all internet users with the exception of Facebook). Here’s a  recent report by Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project conducted a national survey via landlines and mobile phones in English and Spanish in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Two-thirds of online adults are Facebook users, making this social media platform far and away the most popular. Demographical segment leaders include urbanites, users in the 18 through 29 age group and high earners ($75,000+ per year).
(Represent) 16 percent (of internet users). Twitter users are much more likely to be urban-based, be between the ages of 18 and 29.
(Representing) 15 percent of all Internet users, Pinterest attracts five times as many women as men and has a large lead in the white, non-Hispanic ethnicity group.
Instagram holds a healthy share of Internet users, with 13 percent reporting the use of the photo sharing social platform. Women are much more likely to use Instagram.
via Report: Whos Using Social Networks.

If you have a knack as a small business owner for the techy stuff online, then go ahead, do something and do it right. But if you’re just like the rest of the over 30 population of entrepreneurs and you still want clients, I’d say this study makes a good case for getting out there into the streets to get yourself in front of actual human faces.
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