Rub those fingertips for success
Rub those fingertips for success

Stanford lecturer and author of the New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine claims that rubbing your fingertips together for 10 seconds can break you free of the negative thoughts that sabotage your business growth and success.

Your Brain Is a Destructive Mess

Chamine claims that from Billionaire CEOs to starving undergrads, his research has discovered that every single human being suffers from various forms of thought ‘saboteurs’. For example, one billionaire in his workshop said he had ‘the Imposter Syndrome’, another claimed that his fear of failure caused him to be addicted to alcohol. Sadly, it made no difference whether a person had demonstrated success or not, they were still victims of destructive thoughts rampaging through their brains.

The Soundtrack of Your Business Growth

The other interesting point Chamine made is that the ratio of positive vs. negative soundtracks in people’s heads were a predictor of their success. I know this firsthand from my clients’ emails they send me over the course of the 6 months of our work together. I can almost predict which ones will succeed at their goals and which ones will dump the program simply by looking at the subject tiles of their emails to me.

Breaking the Neural Pathways

The destructive thoughts have by now formed a veritable highway in your neural networks, making a distinct track similar to the way that a bike makes over an often-travelled dirt road. The bad news is that  pathways cannot be erased. The good news is that a new and more empowering pathways can be created.  For example, if your business growth is inhibited by the destructive thought that you’re not good enough to get bigger clients, then you can interrupt that thought pattern and replace it consciously with a new thought. The problem is that while still swimming in the negative emotions, you are not able to move to creativity. Creativity is critical to your business growth.


The way to break the destructive thought pattern the moment that you feel a negative emotion coming on is to interrupt the state that you’re in by 10 seconds of focused concentration on one of your 5 senses. For example, touch is the sense you would use when rubbing 2 fingertips together and concentrating on trying to feel the fingerprint ridges. Similarly, you can use the sense of sight to concentrate on seeing more details and colours around you in that moment. The neural circuitry is broken for the negative thought when you centre yourself (similar to how it’s done in meditation).

You are a Mirror

The best part of this whole practice is that your clients and staff will also benefit from you breaking away from your saboteur thoughts because through a phenomenon called neuron mirrors, their neural pathways will be picking up on what yours is doing. Therefore, stressed out boss equals less productive workforce and client base.
Go ahead, catapult your business growth by doing something as inane as rubbing your fingertips together for 10 seconds and do it often. You’ll be amazed at what new heights you can reach!
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