My Rockstar Client Ken Sharrar Reads Newsletters

I can’t tell you how many business owners I’ve met who have told me that they refuse to create and send newsletters because nobody reads them. They are convinced that there is very little potential in converting readers into clients from an intrusive weekly email in their inbox. Newsletters for me are a way to reach out to my community on a weekly basis. It lets my peeps know what I’m doing each week, where I am and how I’m growing my business. In addition to that, it allows me to educate on my expertise, put out my opinion and my brand character to the world. There are no secrets on Chala’s newsletter. I take pride in writing it and love getting comments and business as a result of this undertaking which never ever seems onerous to me because I’m in the profession of consulting and coaching to serve others with my gifts. This is one of them.
So for all those nay-sayers who still hesitate in putting their own newsletter together because they don’t think it changes lives, I’d like to share something that happened this week as a result of such a supposedly unwanted and questionable piece of marketing.

The Email That Made My Day

My rockstar new client Ken Sharrar sent me this email. He’s given me permission to share it. I have cut and pasted it in this article without a single change.

I received this note from one of the Recruiters I surveyed 2 weeks ago. CHALA, I’m so 

glad you wrote/posted this:

Every time I See An Entrepreneur Give Up and Get a Job!! Timely Blog!

 Hey Ken, I know that you are doing well with your own business. I just had a client reach out to me wanting me to help them recruit coaches for their business. You would not need to generate your own clients. They have so much business, they would have enough to keep you very busy. You would need to learn and use their coaching platform, but it would still allow you to do the speaking engagements and one on one coaching. Anyway, I immediately thought of you . . . but I totally understand if you are not interested since you already have your own gig going on. Pam

My Reply:

Pam, you are awesome…thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me and providing the context of your client’s staff needs. But as you suspected, I need to stay focused 100% on my company and the efforts I need to make generating prospects converting to my own clients. There may be a day for another income stream, its just not the season now. Again I can’t thank you enough for contacting me and I’m grateful you have the confidence to engage me in the hiring process for your client…unless it pays $100K+ in the first year (lol). Let’s stay in touch! Ken P.S. Thanks once again for the convo a couple weeks ago!

Have a great week!

Ken Sharrar 

But apparently Pam the headhunter didn’t stop there, she sent another email:
Pam: I believe it could get you over 100K . . . and you would be coaching and speaking and not spending your time trying to prospect for clients.
KEN: Pam, Again, I’m flattered you thought of me as a possible candidate. My dream and vision for my company are so strong, I have to follow this passion as a self-employed entrepreneur. Gratefully, Ken
I mean not only am I in awe of Ken’s determined decision to be his own boss but I’m thrilled that my newsletter article was the agent that helped cause this result.
Newsletters do get read. And read carefully. It may even change some lives. If you have declared yourself a thought leader in your subject matter, what you say is important. It matters to your audience. It helps them. So the next time you want to convince yourself that newsletters serve no one, read one that does and maybe you’ll change your mind. In case you decide to go that way and don’t know where to start, here are a few tips to help.

Elements Of A Good Newsletter

1. Include You
Put something of your life, your pictures, your stories, your unique point of view. The more of You that goes into it, the more people will be interested.
2. Give a Valuable Solution
If you have nothing else to say but trite, heard-it-all-before, nothing-new, don’t waste your breath. Instead, find a new solution or find an old one with a new way to say it. Find a unique new innovation to talk about. Make sure it’s valuable.
3. Do Something Different
Use a different template, use striking images, change up your content from 2 minute a-ha’s to 2 minute sound bytes. Put videos of outrageous, funny things. In marketing, always be different.
That’s it, that’s how you get to build your community through your written word, to help them with your wisdom and to attract more people who need your help.

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