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I loved this article in the Entrepreneur Magazine by Colleen DeBaise about good marketing advice that we’ve just plumb forgotten! I am constantly remembering really basic things I knew to succeed in my marketing. For example, sometimes I get too busy to look at who’s following me now on social media. Other times, I leave money on the table when I don’t call back my leads that my website generates. Come clean, you’ve all been there. Here’s what another expert says:

Too often companies throw together “About Us” sections that are sterile and  less than compelling. Businesses need to spend time and resources putting up  pictures that reflect their team and culture, and shaping the “why” behind the  company for everyone to consume in a beautiful way.
Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226812#ixzz2VvrPZdEn

That is a GREAT one. I can’t tell you how many ‘About’ sections have no picture of the owner of the company. Why are you hiding? Remember, a good brand character depends on your character.
Other great marketing advice I’ve given that have been forgotten by clients have been:

  • To keep their focus on their niche and not to wander off the target
  • To send timely and regular communication to their followers, like a newsletter or at least an email
  • To thank people for their referrals in a BIG and over the top way
  • To joint venture with only strategic partners who serve the same target as yours
  • To stop partnering people in your business or in your keynotes because you’re afraid to do it on your own

If any of those sound like you, well I hope this was a good reminder of what you should be doing instead.
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