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I have a new client, Andy. He is my ideal client because of only 1 thing–he is fearless.  In our first meeting, I gave him a laundry list of a million things to do. Most of them were against his nature, uncomfortable and never before tried things. Things like creating his own video and changing his website and picking a specific niche and cold calling strangers and setting up a webinar and the list goes on and on and on. Well, he had it all done in less than a week.

Here’s his first ever call prep form for which he has given me permission to share (call prep form is something clients fill out before each coaching call together). I remind you that the below was sent after only our first 1 hour session together!!

NAME: Andy McMullan                                      DATE: Feb 9 2012

1)                   What have I accomplished since our last call? (What are my “Wins”!)?

1.       I got 150+ views of the video that I created

2.       Best traffic on the site since shutting down the ads

3.       2 phone calls showing interest in the program, one committed to the group and to helping spread the word.

4.       Offer from Kerry’s place to run a group.

5.       Created the webinar flyer and started dry-running concepts.

6.       Increased the contact list from 7 to about 30.

7.       Started the Access database that will house all participant information.

2)                   What I didn’t get done but intended to do:

Nothing missed, but there is still much to do!

3)                   What I agree/promise to do in my next call:

If it’s not clear already, you have my full attention and I promise to use that attention to its fullest potential.

4)                   Anything else?

I’m loving every minute of it!

Andy’s results are clear. He sold 1 out of the 4 spots he targeted for his program in less than a week.  Action works. Why is Andy so fearless? I’m not sure really…It could be that he has overcome adversities as a child (read about him here www.goodgamers.ca ) or it could be that he is still very young (I’m guessing here). Youth might explain why he’s more tech savvy but that doesn’t explain the ease of cold calls. So I’m just going to have to go with that he was born that way.

I have other clients who are afraid and in smaller steps, they’re making their way to getting their businesses in front of their ideal clients. I don’t want to belittle their efforts. Then of course, I have clients who simply quit with a multitude of excuses about why they don’t feel comfortable with the hard things I’m asking them to do.  I do not judge any of them.  But I do have to take my hat off in wonder when I see fearlessness of the kind demonstrated so well by Andy. I hope reading about him will rub off on you and get you to become like him so that you can reach your goals sooner.

With kindness as always,


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