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Unbelievable but true, if you pay even just one compliment to someone you work with, it might improve their performance. Read about this fascinating study below:

In a recent study conducted by Japanese scientists, researchers found that people tend to perform a task better after receiving just a single compliment.
In the study, 48 adults were trained to push keys on a keyboard in a sequential pattern as fast as possible.
When they were asked to complete the finger-tapping exercise the following day, researchers found that those who were complimented after their training performed significantly better on the exercise than the other groups did.
According to the study:
Present findings suggest that praise functions as “social reward” that induces the dopamine transmission in the striatum, resulting in an enhancement of the motor skill consolidation.
via The Power of a Single Compliment.

In coaching, one of the biggest areas that we develop and train on is called “Acknowledging”. This is where we see to the inner core of a person’s true achievements and call attention to them. It is not insinsere flattery but a deep recognition of what is great about what they’ve just done. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there’s scientific evidence based on physiology that now supports this practice?
Who can you be paying a compliment to today? It’s free so go do it!
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