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Focus is the secret to strong branding
Focus Your Branding Message

Can’t focus? Then you’re in for a tough time in business.
Here’s someone else who agrees with me about the need for a business to pick just 1 thing to sell to only 1 group of people–Adam Kleinberg, (a cool ad agency dude).
He agrees that people are confused by your messaging if you’re telling them you do MANY things for ALL types of different audiences. In addition, he outlines the 4 musts that the 1 message you choose must have:

First, your core message needs to have an emotional and rational side. You  need to connect with people’s hearts and minds. Make no mistake. People are  driven by both. A simple idea like “Volvo makes cars that are safe” resonates on  both levels.
Second, it needs to be believable. I could tell you: “Adam is the next  President of the United States.” But wish me luck convincing you of that.
Third, your core message needs to be relevant to a group of potential  customers. If there’s no market opportunity, that’s not a good place to be. I  might own the only lemonade stand on Mars — a great positioning opportunity —  but not if there are no thirsty Martians to drink my lemonade.
Fourth, your core message needs to be simple. If people can’t understand,  remember or repeat your one thing, it’s too complicated. If it’s too  complicated, it won’t find a home in your prospect’s mind. And remember: that’s  where your brand lives.
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All the books I’m reading lately (Seth Godin’s Icarus Deception, Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind) are telling me about the new connection economy where left brained thinking jobs and tasks are moving en mass to China and that right brain thinking like appealing to emotions and empathy are essential skills to prosper in the economy of the future.
What does this mean for your business? It means that your brand has to stand for something that connects to your consumer’s emotions. Focusing that message on a single emotion like safety or freedom can make a huge difference in how much people remember and value your brand.
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