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I had to share this post with my fans and clients because I really do think your email address is a huge part of your brand character. A brand character is a set of human traits associated to your company. I find it so fascinating how people miss the opportunity to project their personality in something as simple as their email address. See the below list to see which one your email fits.

1. john@startup.com
The first-name convention projects that the company values the individual in a truly personal manner.
2. jsmith@startup.com
This convention conveys the importance of scalability in the organization, even from the founding stage…most likely stemming from a technical founder.
3. johns@startup.com
The founder’s last name is too long or hard to spell, and so nobody else at the company will list theirs either.
4. johnny@startup.com
It’s a casual, yet hip atmosphere…
5. john.smith@startup.com
The founding team is all from Microsoft and can’t shake it if they tried.
6. info@startup.com
The team is running in stealth-mode to look inconspicuous
7. john-smith114@gmail.com
The founders can’t even figure out how to buy their own domain name.
8. jsmith@startup-inc.com
The founders are so convinced that they’re taking over the world that they want to leave the option of issuing @startup.com email addresses to their consumer users.
via What Your Email Address Really Says About You.

Yes, hard as it is to believe even your email address says something about you. The worst violation of the email address is the generic free accounts. Then I really know you’re a hobbyist and not a professional who makes a living from what you sell. So please do yourself a favour and take a second look at your email address. It might be saying things to your clients you never wanted to say…
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