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Little RedWhen you look at top marketers like Richard Branson or Anthony Robbins, you will see some similar beliefs that result in similar behaviours which you may not share right now. Here’s a look at some that you just may want to adopt for your very own small business.
1. My Brand is Me
When you look at big or small business owners, you’ll notice that the business has become the owner and vice versa. A Brand Character is a set of human traits that businesses have that often reflect the owner’s own characteristics. Look at Anita Roddick from the Body Shop’s animal activism or Donald Trump’s megalomania and his so called ‘World of Trump’ companies as examples.
2. People Are In Pain
A good marketer knows that marketing is just another word for finding people who need you and are in pain with respect to what you offer (i.e.. financial advice, life coaching, business help etc.) People often dislike marketing because they can’t grasp this simple fact. Top marketers not only recognize that people are in pain but they base their entire marketing message on it. For example, my home page features stats about my clients’ pain, which allows them to know I understand their situation and that they’re not alone.
3. I Can Help Them
Yes, there are people in pain and the second and most relevant part of that statement is that I can help them with that exact pain. Top marketers know this and play to this. In fact, great marketers know exactly the ideal client pain they can help with first. It’s called having a niche. Great marketers know how to pick the biggest and hungriest group of clients who are in the greatest pain with respect to the solution they offer. They are desperately curious about what their ideal clients are thinking and wanting. They don’t assume, they ask how they can help.
4. Visibility is Money
Top Marketers crave the spotlight. Whether it’s through media or social media or in person, these guys and gals are out there, being seen doing things. They are very very visible and know that each new opportunity for visibility is an opportunity to make more money in their business. Think about reality show celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Many people if asked, wouldn’t even know what she did for a living but Kim is reportedly worth millions in endorsements and naming rights.
5. I’m Not Afraid
Great Marketers differ from most other business owners because they dare to take new risks and challenges. They welcome change and try on things that are scary. An example that come to mind is the October 2012 Baumgartner drop from the edge of space to set a world record for the highest free fall while sponsored by Red Bull. How risky a marketing plan was that? What if tragedy ensued?
You don’t have to go that far to be a top marketer though. You can simply stand up and give a speech. Call a local TV or radio station producer to pitch an interview story that highlights your clients’ plight and your solution. There are so many ways to be brave.
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