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As a small business coach, I’ve been laughing at (and with) my clients for years. Now here’s proof in this article about why your brand (and you) should have a sense of humour:

Weight Watchers’ latest spokeswoman spent months making fun of the company.
Earlier this year, Ana Gasteyer, actress and former Saturday Night Live cast member, mocked Weight Watchers on Twitter like it was her job. Now, it kind of is her job.
After Gasteyer fired off rounds of sarcastic tweets to Weight Watchers, including one where she asked whether a binge on children’s gummy vitamins constituted a “cheat day,” the company reportedly called Gasteyer in February and asked her to star in Weight Watchers’ TV commercials and other advertising.
via Why Your Brand Should Have a Sense of Humor.

There are so many different success stories of how a brand has used humour to engage and capture audiences throughout the years. What does your small business brand have to learn from that?
For example, I use a Monty Python video on my home page to demonstrate my client’s number one pain of feeling directionless while marketing their small business.
Ask yourself…how can you humanize your brand through simple laughter? When you find the answer, please send me your solution. I’d love another laugh.
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