7 comments on “Why Your Email Address Is Turning Me Off

  1. great post! Though I’m wondering if you could share some examples of good addresses! I’m just getting ready to launch and I opted for “hello” instead of “info” or “admin”, but I really wanted my email address to be “meagan[at]stola[dot]ca”. However, I know from a lifetime of experience that my name is constantly misspelled and I would lose a lot of potential business there!

    1. Meagan, thanks for your questions. Best email addresses are your name at your company name like what you mentioned. If you think your name is misspelt, imagine Chala! You could also go with a nick name as long as it’s a human name like Meg or Maggie or something. A good example of a brand name in the bunch was foundit.com or onedoor or the golden example of brand names is Staples-a simple word in the English language that is taken from the industry it belongs to. Hope that helps,

  2. I agree with you with respect to Hotmail–in fact, I have a policy of NOT doing business with anyone with a Hotmail account–but GMail (which does have Google standing behind it!) is a bit more acceptable.
    Still, I would argue that everyone should have their own domain and a proper email address!

    1. How are you Lawrence, thanks for the comment. Isn’t gmail free? I could be wrong but if any email extension is free, I still think it’s a bad idea.
      Take care,

  3. With all due respect, I would like to defend the “innocent” ones. Nowadays, so many domain names have been already taken and it’s very hard to choose a company name that would well describe your business and was easy to remember.

    1. Agreed Blanka, it is a competitive and overcrowded marketing world. That’s why it’s even more important to rise above all others and stand out. A great example of a business name I saw was foundit.com from your industry. Thanks for sharing!

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