3 Tricks to Doing More in Less Time

The other day, I had to put a client on hold so I could go to the bathroom (#1 come on!). That’s the kind of day I often have. I’m sure you’re no different. Here are some tips from an article I found to making more of your time:

1. Identify and focus on your biggest priorities.
As the Pareto principle states: 80% of the value comes from 20% of the work. The key here is for your business to identify the few objectives that drive the most value and focus rigorously on them.
2. Write down and complete two objectives every week.
Too often, we get caught up in the deluge of emails, meetings, and internal needs that pop up every day. The unfortunate result is that, by the end of the week, we’ve worked hard but don’t have much to show for it. By empowering your employees to identify–on their own–just their top two priorities, they will be more focused and driven each week.
3. Outsource non core work.
Whether your time suck is happening with accounting, marketing, HR, sales, or almost any other business function, do a search on companies that can take over this function.
via 3 Tricks to Doing More in Less Time.

As my wonderful new VA takes over one of the most mundane tasks of creating and sending newsletters out each week to my database, I find myself using that time to write more original articles and call more associations for speaking gigs.
What will you do with the time you freed up from reading this article today?
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